pxlence - about
pxlence is a Ghent University spin-off company founded in 2015 by Dr. Steve Lefever, Dr. Frauke Coppieters and Prof. Jo Vandesompele with an exclusive commercial license for PCR assay design technology from Ghent University. Using the state-of-the-art high-throughput primer design pipeline primerXL, almost one million assays for amplification of DNA from both fresh frozen and formalin fixed parafin embedded (FFPE) material covering over 99% of the human exome were expertly designed. These best-in-class assays enable the enrichment of any exonic region of interest for targeted resequencing or for confirmation of variants by means of Sanger or next-generation sequencing. Approximately 6750 individual assays for 514 genes have been tested in a diagnostic setting (ISO 15189) with a wet-lab success rate exceeding 95%. Using our single-tube multiplex PCR and library preparation technology, a 50-SNP Human Sample ID panel was released in 2020. Our customers include clinical diagnostic labs, genetic centers, hospitals, and diagnostic or medical device companies in the field of PCR based target enrichment.
Our company name pxlence (pronounced 'pixellence') refers to
primerXL : the in house developed primer design pipeline used to create our assays
pixels : we see the image of the genome as our playground, we are able to target any pixel you wish, either using our ready-to-go assays for the human exome or by designing custom assays for any region of interest
excellence : we strive for excellent assay performance using universal PCR conditions
Dr. Frauke Copppieters
co-founder & CEO
Dr. Steve Lefever
co-founder & CTO
Prof. Jo Vandesompele