Sample ID panel
Massively parallel sequencing of gene panels and whole exome sequencing is becoming more and more common in diagnostic and research labs world wide. Although quality checking of samples (e.g. yield, level of degradation, ...) is routinely done, validating sample identity prior to or post sequencing is often overlooked. Nevertheless, it estimated that sample swaps occur in 0.1 to 1% of cases. In a research setting, this can have a major effect on the interpretation of results and downstream applications; erroneous results that are reported to patients in a diagnostic context may affect treatment options or accurate diagnosis. That is why it is recommended to assess the identity of your samples using an independent SNP based genotyping method.
pxlence's new sample ID panel is a single-tube, 2-step multiplex PCR assay enabling robust sequencing-ready library preparation in less than 5 hours (1 hour hands-on time) using only 4 pipeting steps. No time-consuming sample clean-up is needed prior to sequencing. It targets 50 polymorphic SNPs, including 5 gender markers. The panel works with high-quality, FFPE and liquid biopsy samples and is compatible with any Illumina sequencing platform.
Sample type
Blood, frozen tissue, FFPE tissue, cfDNA
Input requirements
1-5 ng
Hands-on time (for 24 samples)
1 h (total time : 5 h)
Number of pipeting steps
Number of assays
50 (including 5 gender markers)
Compatible platform
Sample indexing capability
96 index sequences
The protocol is straight-forward, containing 2 PCR reactions with only 4 pipeting steps. Both PCR reactions are performed in the same, single-tube throughout the protocol.
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