pxlence - Human Sample ID Kit
Human Sample ID Kit
pxlence's Human Sample ID Kit is an easy and flexible multiplex genotyping assay that targets 44 polymorphic SNPs and 6 gender markers, creating a highly specific intrinsic genetic label for each sample. In just two simple PCR steps sequencing-ready libraries are generated compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms. The Human Sample ID multiplex panel is designed to be complementary with established enrichment platforms and has been validated for both high-quality genomic, low-quality Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) and cell-free DNA templates.
Superior uniformity
Easy integration in WES and WGS
Flexible workflow
Key features
Very high discrimination power >1:10,000,000,000,000,000 (<1E-16)
Ambient shipment
Maximum compatibility with established enrichment platforms
Sample type
Input requirements
1 - 20 ng
Total time
3.5 h
Hands-on time
1 h
Number of assays
50 (incl. 6 gender markers)
Very high discrimination power
between 1.36E-17 and 7.29E-18 depending on population
On-target specificity
> 90 %
Coverage uniformity, above 20 % of the mean
100 %
Compatible platform
Average number of samples on a MiSeq Reagent
153 (at minimal 100X coverage)
Kit v2 Nano run (2 x 150 bp)
This protocol consists of two PCR steps : a multiplex PCR step for the simultaneous amplification of 50 targets and an indexing step for the addition of dual indexed adapters. After a simple clean-up to remove residual oligonucleotides, the library is ready-to-be sequenced.