pxlence - Innovative PCR solutions for precision medicine
pxlence is a Ghent University spin-off company providing best-in-class PCR assays for targeted amplification and resequencing of the human exome. pxlence has 3 product lines: an online catalogue of almost one million predesigned PCR assays for targeted resequencing (Sanger or NGS) of all canonical exons of human protein coding genes; universal Rainbow DNA detection probes for digital PCR and quantitative PCR; Human Sample ID kits for DNA authentication or sample tracking via multiplex SNP panel amplification and resequencing.
ConfirmPCRTM assays
Our assays are perfectly suited to complement your NGS workflow. A variant identified through WES or WGS can be validated easily and fast by using one of our overlapping high-quality assays combined with Sanger or targeted NGS sequencing.
RainbowTM probes
With RainbowTM DNA detection probes, no more need to design and optimize a probe. Their universal nature allows reusing your in-house primers for any target by modifying your primer with a probe-compatible tail, allowing the most cost-efficient way of target detection. Discover our RainbowTM probes containing different fluorophores compatible with multiple platforms!
Human Sample ID kit
Looking for an robust, cost-efficient way to track sample mix-ups? Our simple 2-step PCR Human Sample ID Kit requires only minute input amounts and is compatible with high-quality genomic, low-quality FFPE and cell-free (cfDNA) templates.