pxlence - DNA target enrichment for all your needs
Variant confirmation
Our assays are perfectly suited to complement your NGS workflow. A variant identified through WES or WGS can be validated easily and fast by using one of our overlapping high-quality assays combined with Sanger or targeted NGS sequencing.
Custom designs
Can't find an assay covering your region or need a set of assays with specific parameters? Our state-of-the-art primer design engine is capable to generate assays for almost any region in the context of most applications. Tell us your region of interest and we'll give you the assays you need!
Human Sample ID kit
Looking for an robust, cost-efficient way to track sample mix-ups? Our simple 2-step PCR Human Sample ID Kit requires only minute input amounts and is compatible with high-quality genomic, low-quality FFPE and cell-free (cfDNA) templates.
pxlence is a Ghent University spin-off company providing best-in-class PCR assays for targeted amplification and sequencing of the human exome. pxlence's flagship product is an online catalogue of almost one million predesigned PCR assays for targeted resequencing of all canonical exons of human protein coding genes. Assays are used for Sanger sequencing based confirmation of variants and for massively parallel sequencing based identification of ew variants.